Papa's Express is committed to helping support local 501c3 nonprofit fund raising efforts throughout the community. We offer a unique concept that is free and easy to make regular contributions to your organization of choice.

When you come to Papa's, you simply select your Fundraiser on our automated payment teller by entering the four digit code or by coming inside and attaching it to your monthly plan that is specific to your organization of choice. Ten percent (10%) of every wash purchase or monthly unlimited payment goes directly to your qualified organization. Papa's automatically records and compiles these washes and your organization receives a quarterly check! It's that simple. No inventory, no setup, no upfront cost!

Who Qualifies

  1. Any Non-Profit Organization

  2. Local Service Clubs

  3. Schools and School Organizations

  4. Church and Synagogue Groups

  5. Amateur Youth Athletic Teams


  1. Easy to distribute - Easy to profit

  2. Raise money quickly and on a regular basis

  3. Nothing to buy, inventory, deliver or spoil

  4. No orders to take

  5. No liability

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